Urs Rohner brought secret agent MI6 to CS

Urs Rohner brought secret agent MI6 to CS

Urs Runner is a member of the board of directors of GlaxoSmithKline, an English multinational pharmaceutical company. He brought Tidjan Thiam from London.

Now there is another “import” from the island to talk about. It’s a guy named Martin Clements.

Blue eyes, Prince Charles’ ears, gentle smile – here’s a picture of the look On Entrepreneur Day.

“National and cybersecurity specialist” is Clements’ job. One only learns about his role in the Foreign Intelligence of England between the lines.

‘In the decades since he joined the United Kingdom’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office in 1983, he was assigned to work around the world including Iran, Afghanistan, Germany and Austria as his roles covered counter-terrorism, counter-proliferation and the Internet, among many other things. “

Even in all hot spots. At the moment the government says:

Martin would later hold prominent leadership positions, building the offensive and defensive capabilities of the national security sector, combining traditional technologies and skills with emerging innovations, particularly in the areas of mobile phone, internet and data.

National Security Sector deutet auf Geheimdienst hin, aber nur vage. Und weiter: “He became a seasoned executive and non-executive member of the senior management in his sector, and retired as General Manager, Technology & Transformation.”

In fact, Clements was the No.2 in the infamous MI6 MI6.

James Bond – The Real.

Vauxhall – the seat of floppy hats in the United Kingdom (BBC)

CS confirms that it works with Clements. “(Clements) is an internationally recognized specialist in the field of cybersecurity and we work with him in this field.”

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According to a source, Clements is training senior bank managers. He has appearances in company management and at the following levels of management.

According to the curriculum, James Bond knows Runner about the Internet. It can help CS in an area where all banks are investing heavily. Your most important treasure is data security.

Since Spy Gateway, CS has been all about something else. The bank now has a total of four active or former employees under supervision.

Until now, the “stupid” tactics were known: interrogators who followed the victims and may even intimidate them. But what else did CS do – with wit?

At the top of the CS sits a German journalist. Philip Weil, the bank’s head of international asset management, has been with journalists in the military for two years.

“From 1993 to 1995, Philip Weill completed a two-year training as a reserve officer in the German Bundeswehr in a tank expeditionary intelligence unit,” a CS spokesman said upon request.

Another senior cadre worked in the Swiss Federal Criminal Police for a long time. He has coordinated IT feedback from the CS Spy Center at Paradeplatz.

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