Die Frau überlebte den Angriff am Waihi Beach in Neuseeland nicht. Foto: imago images/Westend61/Fotofeeling

Waihi Beach, New Zealand: Woman killed in alleged shark attack – Panorama

The woman did not survive the attack on New Zealand’s Waihi Beach. Photo: Imago Images / Westend61 / Fotofeeling

A deadly shark attack is said to have occurred on a popular beach on North Island, New Zealand. A woman was seriously injured by the police in Waihi Beach – she found – she did not survive.

Waihi Beach – A woman is believed to be attacked and killed by a shark outside a popular beach in New Zealand. On Thursday, police announced that they had been summoned to Weihi Beach on the eastern coast of the North Island in the country early in the evening due to the injury of a woman.

Police said, “Preliminary results indicate that it may have been attacked by a shark.” The woman died of her wounds shortly after at the beach.

25 dead from shark attacks

Waihi Beach declares itself “one of the safest surfing beaches in New Zealand”. However, sharks have been spotted off the coast from time to time, including a 3.5-meter animal in February.

If the first police results are confirmed, it will be the twenty-fifth fatal shark attack in New Zealand history. The last time a man died in an attack near Oakland was seven years ago.

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