Vladimir Putin: It is said that billionaires bought residency in the Crimea

Vladimir Putin: It is said that billionaires bought residency in the Crimea

A piece of European history is written here: he met the German chancellor once in Orenda Willie Brant With the leader of the Soviet party Leonid Brezhnev On the Black Sea together. The conversation between the politicians lasted for 16 hours, as Brandt wanted to discover opportunities for how the controversial Ostpolitik policy of his SPD-FDP coalition compared to Soviet Union Further develop.

Now the small town of Oreanda in the Crimea is in the headlines again, and again it has a heavy political weight in Moscow: Journalists from the prestigious investigative platform “Project” claim to have proven that friends of the billionaire ex-Soviet president have bought government residency “Glizinija.” ” Opposite Vladimir Putin Personally (here it is Russian a tool).

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, possessions – like the entire Crimea – were part of Ukraine. It has been controlled by military force since the peninsula was annexed in violation of international law Moscow Area again. In 2019, Russian media reported that Glizenega was being sold to an anonymous buyer at a price of nearly $ 15 million.

The Project team has now reported that the mysterious buyer is a straw man. The journalists even found him: his name is Janice E. Unusual given the purchase price: E seems to live in the east of the Russian capital, Moscow, in a simple, pre-fabricated building. According to the report, he is making a living as a kung fu teacher.

According to the “project”, the actual owner can be read from the registration documents: in fact, the property is part of the empire of the “Rossija” bank in Saint Petersburg. The House of Money was built by many of Putin’s close companions, who are now among the richest men in the country. The main contributor today is billionaire Yuri Kovalchuk. At the end of November, Projekt had already announced that the head of state’s lover – the mother of Putin’s illegitimate daughter – was a shareholder in Rossija Bank. Wealth came.

In recent months, the well-being of Putin and those around him have been revealed repeatedly. The movie made headlines foremost Alexey Navalny About a luxury residence being built near Gelendzhik. The Kremlin denied the property had anything to do with the president – and presented Arkady Rothenberg, the head of state’s childhood friend, as the true owner. However, other media have also found numerous indications that the actual customer is the boss. the gate Medusa For example, I evaluated several tenders from the area and spoke to subcontractors from the construction site. Most of them spoke candidly of the construction of “the president.”

The documents do not support whether “Russia” has actually bought the property in Crimea for Putin. Journalists only indicate that in various cases the bank appears as the owner of the things the boss actually uses.

In the case of the Crimean villa in Oreanda, they added remarkable historical details: according to the “project”, Putin is said to have been monitoring the complex in Oreanda long before the annexation. In 2004/2005, the Russian State Bank WTB wanted to purchase the villa and had already paid a deposit. Then the deal failed due to opposition from the then Ukrainian prime minister Victor Janukovych.

Negotiations were initially conducted directly with the Kremlin administration, and it was only later that the WTB-Bank was brought in. The main witness to this representation is none other than Leonid KuchmaThen the President of Ukraine. It was clear to all concerned that the issue was related to a “residence for the Russian president,” which was quoting a “project” from the notes of the former head of state. The report did not reveal whether the method was confronting the Kremlin or the bank with their research.

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