United States - Joe Biden with a hint against Ivanka Trump: "Nobody has an office in this place"

United States – Joe Biden with a hint against Ivanka Trump: “Nobody has an office in this place”

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US President Joe Biden talking about his family. Nobody should have an office in the White House – a reference to his predecessor Donald Trump and daughter Ivanka.

  • Speaking in an interview US President Joe Biden on his account Administration And his family.
  • a mix of Government and family It excludes – unlike its predecessor Donald Trump.
  • Because his daughter Ivanka Trump She had her own office in White House.

Washington, DC – The Newly Elected US President Joe Biden He commented on his family and plans for his tenure in the office in his first interview since moving to the White House. Accompanied by b First Lady Jill Biden The US President said in a People interview that he intends to run his business “like the Obama administration and Biden.” He was referring to his eight-year tenure as Vice President of the United States From 2008 to 2016.

In reference to the mandate of his predecessor Donald Trump He then added that “no one in our family or extended family will participate in any government or foreign policy.” “And nobody has an office in this place,” Biden says. 39 years old Ivanka Trump He was like her husband Jared Kushner She worked as a counselor to her father during his tenure.

Ivanka Trump is an advisor to US President Donald Trump – without restriction

According to the White House Concentrated Ivanka Trump On “Education and Economic Empowerment of Women and Their Families”. She had her own chief of staff and one, too An office in the West Wing, Which official sources compared to a “walk to the Apple store”, as the “New Zealand Herald” knows to tell.

Joe Biden dealt a subtle blow to Ivanka Trump. (Archive image)

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Before the reign of Donald Trump was his eldest daughter Ivanka Somewhat known for their role as an integral part of New Yorker Supreme AssociationHer fashion boutique and her carefully trimmed personal brand. Her appointment as a presidential advisor quickly sparked criticism: “For someone’s daughter to not really be a qualified professional,” the Democratic lawmaker said, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, to me.

Even Donald Trump wanted to put his daughter Ivanka in second place

It was originally Donald Trump Arguably a more prominent role for Ivanka intended. According to the former Trump deputy Campaign manager Rick Gates The 74-year-old wanted to make his daughter a vice presidential candidate.

Donald Trump Thinking hard about his eldest daughter. Compared to “The Atlantic” Trump said in 2019 of his children that he is proud of them all. Ivanka But be “unique”. Trump went on to say that his daughter “has a tremendous presence when she steps in” and that she is a “innate diplomat.”

Is Ivanka Trump running soon for governor of Florida?

For some time now there has been mounting speculation Ivanka Trump She also wants to follow her father’s example politically and ultimately also keep the White House in mind. So go to FloridaA large portion of the Trump family ended up leaving the White House for political motives. Accordingly, there are rumors that Ivanka Trump started her political career with A. Run for governor of Florida He wanted to start. This is what CNN reported.

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Should Ivanka Trump In fact, she has political ambitions, she knows one thing for sure: the former president Donald Trump. He said in “If at any time she wants to run for president.” Interview With “The Atlantic” two years ago. “I think it will be very difficult to overcome,” she said. Donald Trump. (Tobias Mullers)

But in the meantime she has completely different problems: because Ivanka Trump In the tweet of the mob who did this Capitol They stormed, referred to as the “Patriots of America,” and received a lot of criticism. Because of a daughter’s tweet Donald Trump And her husband Jared Kushner He now refused membership in an exclusive county club in Florida. Additionally, Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner, collected nine-figure sums in the 2020 election year – despite the massive recession due to the Corona pandemic.

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