Viktor Orban defends "a cultural point of view"

Viktor Orban defends “a cultural point of view”

After the prime minister’s racist gaffe Hungarian Take out the paddles. Victor UrbanHe, who is visiting Austria, on Thursday defended a “Hungarian cultural view” after his tough speech last weekend against the “mix of races”.

“Sometimes it happens that I speak in a way that can be misunderstood, but I asked the counselor [Karl Nehammer] Please put the information in a cultural context,” he said at a press conference in Vienna. “In Hungary, these expressions and sentences represent a cultural and civilizational viewpoint.”

Indication of gas chambers

The 59-year-old Hungarian national leader, who used to deal heavy blows at immigrants and anti-immigrants, on Saturday refused to see a “multi-ethnic” society. “We don’t want to be a mixed race,” he would mingle with “non-Europeans,” he said, before apparently referring to the system’s gas chambers. Naziwhich earned him severe criticism from the Jewish community and the resignation of one of the council members.

Since returning to power in 2010, Viktor Orbán has transformed his country by implementing “illiberal” reforms based on “defending Europe” Christian In particular, he attacked migrants from Africa and the Middle East and the NGOs that came to their aid, tightened the right to asylum and set up barriers at the borders.

Orban ‘proud’ of Hungarian politics

Klaus Nahammer He referred to this new controversy at the beginning of the press conference, “strongly denouncing in any way Racism and anti-Semitism” and the assertion that the two men had “completely frankly” approached the question.

“We are in complete agreement,” Viktor Orban responded, saying he was “proud” of Hungary’s “zero tolerance” policy.

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