Firefighters work against the fire

Firefighters work against the fire



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Wednesday, July 27, California’s wildfires continue and firefighters lead a relentless battle against the flames. The situation is tough and the fire soldiers have to gain fire meter by meter.

The work of California firefighters is very difficult. The wooded and mountainous areas affected by the fire on Wednesday 27 July complicate the task of the firefighters. Moisture on the hills affected by fire prevents rescue vehicles from going up, so they have to go up on foot several times a day, which makes them very tired, because they have 30 kg of equipment on their backs.

“The next few hours are going to be crucial, the helicopters have to keep dropping water on the hot spots to cool them down and after that, we’ll have to make the difference in the area.”, warns Rick Carhart, a spokesman for the California Fire Department. Visibility is poor with huge clouds of smoke rising above the trees. To prevent the flames from spreading to new areas, firefighters are increasing the irrigation of dry soil and are even having to cut down trees that have been destroyed by the fire.

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