USA: Prisoner raped after guard sold cell key

USA: Prisoner raped after guard sold cell key

On October 23, 2021, just before midnight, several inmates of the Clark County Jail in Indiana broke into the women’s room, according to two complaints recently filed in federal court. These men, who covered their faces with sheets and towels, “threatened, harassed, intimidated and assaulted” them for hours. At least two of them were raped, lawyers for 28 women wrote.

According to them, the prisoners got the key to the women’s dormitories from guard David Lowe. One of the complaints, filed by eight unknown detainees, accuses him of receiving $1,000 for this key. “It is strange that despite the presence of surveillance cameras (…), not one of the guards came that night to help” dozens of victims, its authors note. Even worse, according to the complainants, when one of them finally dared to ask for help, they were punished.

A guard, who arrived shortly after the men had left, deprived the prisoners of their “right to be in the dark,” and ordered them to turn on the lights for 72 hours. In the following days, many of their personal belongings (pillows, pencils, etc.) were confiscated.

Guardian indictment by Indiana court

These women are asking the court for damages for “violation of their civil rights” and to organize a federal trial of guard David Lowe, but also the county sheriff who, according to them, failed in his duty to ensure their safety. . The guard has already been suspended and has been charged by Indiana courts with “dereliction of duty” and “agreement with an inmate.” AFP called, and Sharif did not respond.

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With over two million inmates, the United States has the largest prison population of all democracies. Their prisons are regularly criticized and many guards are punished every year for various violations.

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