video.  Roman, the train watcher who makes passengers laugh

video. Roman, the train watcher who makes passengers laugh



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The Ouigo train controller has the advantage of throwing out-of-the-ordinary advertisements to make travelers laugh. Pruitt spent a day with him.

When he began working as an observer, Roman was not as comfortable as he is today. tells: “It was shaky, it was hard.”

Today, he no longer hesitates to take the microphone to spread a sense of humor in all the cars.

“Ladies and gentlemen, for travelers who have planned to disembark at Miami, Honolulu, Hawaii, Bora Bora, Bobo Dioulasso, and Ouagadougou, I announce to you that these stops will only be served in my dreams.”

On social networks, the Roman controller has a bad reputation thanks to his sense of humor. Detects today’s messages, phone in hand: I have quite a few tweets today. “What a crack, driver 7221.”

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