Covid-19: In Shanghai, a man still alive is loaded into a body bag

Covid-19: In Shanghai, a man still alive is loaded into a body bag

In a video circulating across social networks in China, we discovered a surreal scene filmed in Shanghai, where a man with Covid-19 was wrapped in a body bag while still alive.

Is it another deviation from the zero-Covid strategy? A video is spreading on social networks in China. Several cadaver workers, in full protective suits, are photographed on a street in Shanghai’s Putuo District, carrying what appears to be the corpse of a man believed to be deceased on a stretcher. The results of Covid-19.

At least that’s what we think, until the men in white dress in confusion while loading the body into a truck. The man on board is alive and well.

上海 长征 福利院 把 还 活 着 的 , , 火化 火化 运 运 : : : : 看来 看来 是 ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, 不算 死于 新 冠 就

– 方舟子 (fangshimin) May 1, 2022

The video has caused an outcry in China, as frustration grows over the government’s strategy to stamp out the Covid virus. In detail, this strategy is based on several measures: locking up neighborhoods or cities as soon as cases appear, quarantining people who test positive, and even mass screening.

China, which has been largely spared for two years, is facing the worst outbreak of the epidemic since the spring of 2020. And in the city of Shanghai, by far the worst affected, 25 million people have been quarantined since the beginning of April.

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