The Supreme Court is about to abolish the right to abortion

The Supreme Court is about to abolish the right to abortion

Will women’s rights soon take a huge step backwards across the Atlantic? The answer is “yes,” according to an article written by Politico. Supreme court United State It will already be preparing to overturn the historic 1973 ruling in which it recognized the right to abortion, the US newspaper confirmed on Monday, which is based on an unprecedented leak of documents.

The newspaper says it has obtained a draft majority decision written by conservative judge Samuel Alito dated February 10, which is still under negotiation until its publication by June 30.

A question that divides the country geographically

ru vs. Wade, who for nearly half a century believed that the US Constitution protects Women’s rights For abortion, it was “completely unfounded from the start”, is it written in this proposed text. “We believe that Roe v. Wade should be abolished,” adds Samuel Alito, for whom the right to abortion “is not protected by any provision of the Constitution.”

If the Supreme Court accepts this conclusion, the United States will revert to the status quo that existed prior to 1973 when every state was free to prohibit or delegate miscarriage. Given the significant geographic and political divisions on the subject, half of the states, especially in the conservative South and Center, should quickly banish the measure on their territory.

Court in the hands of conservatives

Let’s be clear: This is a rough draft. It is outrageous and unprecedented but not definitive: Abortion remains your right and remains legal.” But the danger is real: the Supreme court It has already been profoundly reformed by Donald Trump who, within five years, has appointed three justices, bolstering his conservative majority (six judges out of nine).

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Thus, since September, this new court has sent many positive signals to abortion opponents. She initially refused to block the entry into force of a Texas law that limits the right to an abortion in the first six weeks of pregnancy versus two thirds under the current legal framework. During a December Mississippi law review, which also called into question the legal deadline for abortion, the majority of investigative judges clearly hinted that they were willing to nibble or even overturn the Roe v. valley. The document submitted by Politico By the way related to this issue. Its publication constitutes an extremely rare leak to the Supreme Court, since the confidentiality of the deliberations has almost not been violated.

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