video.  He sends his drone to photograph a city in North Korea from China… and returns with stunning images

video. He sends his drone to photograph a city in North Korea from China… and returns with stunning images

Maybe the task wasn't that complicated. On March 26, a Reddit forum user, “XiaoHao2,” posted never-before-seen photos of Sinuiju, a North Korean city, with the sobering caption: “Drone photos of North Korea, I was in China, and my drone flew over the border.” . . He shares everything multiple times, in multiple groups, without ever claiming to have any authorization.

Sinuiju is a city located on the Korean side of the China-Korea Friendship Bridge on the border with China. The drone pilot explains that these images were taken in 2020, during the Covid crisis. He would simply send his machine directly from the Chinese side of the border, two kilometers from the North Korean buildings seen in these photos. What surprises users who come across the videos is the strange feeling they experience. The city, even taking into account the Covid context with its share of travel restrictions in place at the time, feels almost empty and stuck in time. The streets and roads are particularly quiet. “It looks like a concrete model of the city,” we can read in the comments below the post.

Another aspect that seems to worry Reddit users is the fate of XiaoHao2. “It's very cool, but it's not smart,” says one comment. Below, another agreed, saying: “I was going to make a joke about breaking the law, but it's cool to send a drone into North Korea. I'd like to see more pictures but I don't see how that would be safe for the author. I'm sure China wouldn't allow This happened.” XiaoHao2 himself responded to this message: “Actually, I posted (the photos) anonymously on a Western network. Very funny.” Soon, the drone pilot wants to reassure his community: “I am free and alive.” Although it is not technically impossible to take photos and videos of North Korean cities, it must be done with a license and restricted instructions. To some extent. An authorization that XiaoHao2 had not previously obtained.

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