A far-right MP refutes accusations of pro-Russian financing

The issue is embarrassing the Alternative for Germany party, which has a good standing in opinion polls for the European elections.


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AfD MP Peter Bystron, at the German Parliament in Berlin, Germany, October 19, 2023. (CHRISTOPH SOEDER / DPA)

One of the leading candidates of the far-right Alternative for Germany party in the European elections, on Wednesday, April 3, denied receiving money from pro-Russian sources. Peter Bystrun was involved in a recently exposed propaganda network funded by Moscow. ““I did not accept money to defend pro-Russian positions.”Peter Bystron, the second-in-command on the party's list for the European elections in June, told Funke media group.

Czech authorities announced they had identified a Moscow-funded network responsible for spreading pro-Russian propaganda about Ukraine and extending its influence to the European Parliament. The network relied on a website called Voice of Europe.

Discoveries in the Czech media

The portal, headquartered in Prague, could have been a financing subsidy for candidates for the European elections deemed acceptable by Moscow, say media in Germany and the Czech Republic, with payments to politicians from six countries: Poland, Hungary and Germany. France, Belgium and the Netherlands. According to what was reported by the German weekly SPIEGELthe funds were delivered in cash during meetings in Prague or transferred via cryptocurrency and the lump sums were transferred to “Several hundred thousand euros”.

In a new article published by the Czech media on Wednesday Denik K It claims that Czech intelligence services have audio recordings confirming payments of Russian origin to Petr Bystrun, who is in charge of foreign policy issues within the AfD. Peter Bystrone has already given interviews in the past to Voice of Europe. The party leadership explained that it is quickly awaiting clarifications from the elected official regarding the accusations against him.

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