President Basseru Diomai Faye reveals the main directions of his policy

President Basseru Diomai Faye reveals the main directions of his policy

Twenty-four hours after his inauguration, Basserou Diomaye Faye, Senegal's fifth and youngest president, delivered his first address to the nation, marking the 64th anniversary of independence celebrated on Thursday. The opportunity to give general guidelines for its policy.

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With our correspondents in Dakar. Leah Lisa Westerhoff And Thea Olivier

on time, Passero Diomai Fay He spoke from behind his desk during his traditional address to the nation on the eve of Independence Day. He announced consultations with the aim of taking strict measures regarding the costs of living. But he indicated first that youth are the focus of his concerns.

Education, career information, employment and entrepreneurship for youth and women remain major challenges to be overcome. I will make it a top public policy priority, in consultation with the private sector. To this end, we must reconsider, improve and rationalize existing mechanisms so that they better meet the employment needs and other income-generating activities of young people. To encourage job creation, I intend to rely on a strong private sector because it is supported by the state. Of course, the international private sector will play its full role. Senegalese are brave, but they are tired and are waiting for solutions from us to confront the high cost of living. The issue of the cost of living is of particular interest to us. It keeps all my intention. In the coming days, strong measures will be taken in this direction, after the consultations I will hold with the parties concerned. »

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The new president also indicated a desire to radically reform the electoral system, after consulting the political class and civil society: rationalizing political parties and their financing, for example, but also linking obtaining an ID card to registration in the electoral register. Justice reform, another priority project. In order to “reconcile” this justice with the Senegalese, Basserou Diomay Faye promised to hold meetings with professionals in this sector.

But above all, the former tax inspector who became President of the Republic insisted on his desire to establish good governance, especially for Next exploitation of resources oil and gas.

In seeking to improve Senegal for the benefit of all, I will initiate without delay a bold policy of good economic and financial governance, through the relentless fight against corruption, the criminal crackdown on tax evasion and illicit financial flows, and the protection of whistleblowers. Combating the development of public data and money laundering, addressing amnesty and profit-sharing on condition of self-incrimination, and publishing reports from the Group of Governmental Experts and the Court of Accounts and Fraud. Likewise, the exploitation of our natural resources, which according to the Constitution belong to the people, will particularly attract my Government's attention. »

Basserou Diomaye Faye reaffirmed Senegal's openness to friendly countries and partners, recalling at the same time that it remains committed to global governance. More just and inclusive with regard to the equal dignity of values, cultures and civilizations “.

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Senegalese are still waiting for the new government, which could be appointed very soon.

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