United Kingdom: A case of seductive messages rocks Westminster

British police announced the opening of an investigation after a complaint filed by a member of Parliament that he was targeted with seductive messages, sometimes accompanied by obscene pictures.
Dozens of men were also targeted, including three representatives, a government member, and two political journalists.

Scandal is growing in Westminster. British police announced, on Thursday, the opening of an investigation after a complaint filed by a member of Parliament who was among dozens of men working in areas of power who were targeted by seductive messages, sometimes accompanied by obscene pictures. William Wragg confessed Thursday evening to times Its responsibility for leaking the phone numbers of targeted people. The 36-year-old Conservative MP explained to the newspaper that he gave in to the demands of a gay dating app user who sent him intimate photos.

“I was worried because he had things on me.”, He told the Daily. “I hurt people by being weak.”, “I was scared”, “I'm terrified” The representative said. The latter had previously indicated that he would not run in the upcoming elections, as opinion polls indicate that the labor opposition is the biggest winner.

Candid photos

Among the victims he recorded POLITICOThose who revealed this issue included three representatives – including a member of the government – two political journalists, a program presenter, and employees of political parties. Watchman The thirteenth target, a former government advisor, is identified. Each time, it all started the same way: a certain “Abe,” or a certain “Charlie,” contacted the target via WhatsApp, claiming to have met them during a political event, and was upset by the interviewer’s lack of response. Remember, he confirms that they are still flirting, before sending in several cases an explicit photo.

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according to timesTwo deputies sent a photo of the same species via Target. POLITICO For its part, it confirms that the messages reflected knowledge of many personal details of the intended targets. In contact with Agence France-Presse on Thursday, Leicestershire Police confirmed that they were investigating the matter.Malicious communications after sending a number of unsolicited messages to a Member of Parliament.” From this area of ​​central England “Last month”.

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The facts were reported to police on March 19 and “Investigations are continuing” According to the police. according to POLITICOThe MP in question responded briefly before blocking the number after learning he did not know the person he was calling. If some representatives put forward the hypothesis of a maneuver coming from a hostile country, the experts contacted by the site lean more towards the work of criminals seeking to obtain bargaining elements.

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