Victoria of Sweden: At the start of her trip to New Zealand, it will be full of colour

Victoria of Sweden: At the start of her trip to New Zealand, it will be full of colour

This is how we know and love Victoria from Sweden (45): in an airy summer dress with a floral pattern. And in this guise, she has been seen quite often in the past few days, much to our delight. The Swedish Crown Princess is currently in New Zealand with her husband, Daniel, 49, – a total distance of 17,000km from their home country.

The couple attended several receptions at the site, including a traditional Māori ceremony. During her performance, the 45-year-old was seen time and time again in colorful, patterned summer dresses. She has always remained true to her preference for floral prints. Depending on the occasion, the Swedish crown couple also opted for a sporty look with white sneakers, a jacket and a jacket in their partner’s look.

You can catch the latest fashion take on her trip to New Zealand in the video above.

Victoria of Sweden: This is her signature look

When it comes to her hairstyle, Victoria of Sweden always stays true to herself. You will rarely see her without a classic bun. Why does she usually tie her hair back? digs deeper and sometimes comes to the following conclusions: Not only is the look practical, but it also makes her look serious – an uncomfortable feature as a representative of the royal family. Where other royal ladies, like Princess Kate (41) or Queen Máxima of the Netherlands (51) sometimes struggle with their hair open (especially with the wind), Victoria can stay relaxed.

You can find out when she makes an exception for her strict bun and what’s behind the hairstyle in the video below.

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