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Ussi Sardegna will award Lorenzo Batta, Stefano Ubo and Giovanni Achenza among others

Sardinia Live Editorial Staff

On Monday, October 4, 2021, at 4.30 pm, in Vigne Surrau di Arzachena, the Ussi Sardinia Awards 2021 will be held. The event – thanks to the hospitality of one of the island’s most prestigious wineries – presents awards to athletes, managers, technicians, islands and national clubs that have distinguished themselves during Competitive seasons 2020 and 2021. The evening is hosted by Videolina Director, Simona de Franceschi.

Among the winners are football clubs Cagliari, Olbia and Arzachena (Marco Nabi), as well as Dinamo Basket Sassari. The evening will be Olympic gold medalist Lorenzo Bata, bronze medalist Stefano Ubo, Marta Magetti, Anderson Polanco, Davide Royo and Andrea Agrosti.

Paralympic athletes Giovanni Ascenza (bronze triathlon), Rita Cocoro and two-time Italian Paralympic champion Ilaria Meloni were also in attendance. Trophies Atlético Ori (Football, Men’s Division 4), Torres (Football, Women’s Division Two), Hermaya Olbia (Volleyball, Women’s Division I) and rally driver Gian Battista Conte.

The Joseph Fargio Award for his boxing career is given to Tonino Bodo; That Gianfranco Vara to Mario Frungia. There is also a representation of Prada Pirelli Red Moon, the Prada Cup winner who reached the America’s Cup finals in New Zealand.

From Sky Paolo Condò, Mara Sangiorgio, Federica Masolin and Nando Orsi. Sky sport special prize (Valentina Campus) for Cagliari’s centenary film “A chent’annos”. By Ray Anna Quills Boyks and Franco Bragna. Giulia Sayo (European Junior Triathlon with gold) and Massimiliano Loyo (Silver High Jump for the FIFA U-20 World Cup) also present.

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Once again, we got awards for Melina Massala (historic Cagliari fan) and Mario Fada (President of the Italian Sports History Association). Lifetime Achievement Award for cyclist Fabio Aro (award given in recent days in Cagliari). Davide Astori’s parents, Renato and Giovanna, awarded the award to Milan coach Stefano Pioli in the fourth edition of the award named after their son who passed away in 2018. To Associazione Memoria storico Torresina, Ussi Sardegna makes a contribution linked to the revival of football in the Cuglieri municipality, one of One of the areas hardest hit by fires this summer.

The awards have been sponsored, among others, by the Presidency of the Regional Council, the Regional Department for Sport and Public Education, Cone, Cone Sardina, the National Ussi, and the Universities of Sassari and Cagliari. This event is supported by Vigne Surrau, Municipality of Arzachena, Coni Sardegna, Banco di Sardegna, Fondazione di Sardegna, Intesa Sanpaolo, the Syndicate of Journalists of Sardinia.

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