Top 14. Annoncé en partance de Clermont, mais où pourrait bien évoluer la légende Morgan Parra ?

Top of page 14. It was announced from Clermont, but where could the legend Morgan Parra evolve?

Remember the time when François Triné-Duc and Morgan Parra were the (only) golden boys of French rugby? go up, eh! In two different course periods of French rugby, unrelated to the many cracks with the angelic faces we know today, between Dupont, Netamac, Gallibert, Jaminette and more… The detail of the blues during the last French Grand Slam – in 2010 – made all the same a sacred career, Although we swear it could have been bigger without the injuries, slow shots and rants. In this regard, at the dawn of their retirement, the FTD offered him one last roll on the UBB side, when “Merdeux” could also decide to launch a final challenge, away from Marcel-Michelin…

Top 14 – With 42 successful kicks in a row, Morgan Barra broke the 12-year-old’s record!

Indeed, the iconic The emblematic half of the scrum from Auvergne could leave Claremont next summer. Morgan Parra receives the largest salary from ASM, and at the end of the contract in June, he had not yet reached an agreement to extend it to Yellow and the Blues. According to RMC Sport, his biography is currently circulating alongside Jean Poin, even if nothing says Parisian leaders are interested in a boy He will be 33 years old soon. However, if the man with more than 2,000 points with Claremont leaves the club, it will come as a huge shock to the Jaunards. Parra reached 63 in 2009, also representing somewhere in the historical spirit of ASM. And for all that it stands for, we thought of clubs likely to welcome “Bramble,” as it’s called. Be careful, both seriousness and second degree are required.

If today, as mentioned above, no one can say that the club in the capital is interested in the Parra file, then his biography is well spread in the office of Parisian leaders. Today, the Stade Français is looking for leaders and especially a “dad” capable of framing its 3/4 line, and in particular its hinge, which is relatively young among Segonds (24 years old), Barré (19 years old), Coville (23 years old) or Hall (25 years old). ). In this sense, they are few, in France, to be able to offer the same guarantees of leadership and experience as a half-scrum to 71 choices. There is still, beyond age, the financial aspect. We know that Barra (who touched nearly €700,000 in Auvergne) still has high expectations about salaries. And after the numerous failures in which the leaders of the Porte d’Auteuil club counted hundreds of thousands of euros, I’m not sure they’re willing to try the experiment again…unless the player’s agent and himself don’t know how to find the right words. Those that would also allow Merdeux to get close to his family (centred mainly in Moselle), as well as to his companion…

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CS Bourgoin-Jallieu

What if Parra finally returns to the fold, to the club that exposed her? The story would be great, just to be complete. At Isère, 13 years after leaving it, he will find France double champion Pascal Pape, who has been a longtime with the Blues and will join in particular with the other faster half in France’s history, Sebastien Tellus Borde. The two men have already taken the lead at Ciels et Grenats in the off-season, with the former second grader now the athletic director and friend of the CSBJ director. Parra’s arrival in battle would then not be equal to directing CSBJ toward the ProD2 mission, which is the club’s stated goal in two years’ time. Then two dynamites side by side (Barra and Tellus Purdy) at National, they’re going to have the face of hell, right?

New Zealand is beautiful, New Zealand is great, and New Zealand is powerful, but how much do New Zealand countries know about France’s history? I’m not sure… In this sense, returning “Little Napoleon” to the Maori Archipelago could help them a bit, and Parra could be an ambassador for this conquest towards the country of those with “the most beautiful mark in the world”: all blacks. Conquests and Challenges, Metz’s son has always loved it. And even if some would certainly argue that a Clermontois profile would do the trick in the middle of a Crusaders shooting attack, this would bring all his rigor and “know how to win, even ugly” science to the five – a time when Super Rugby champions reign. While giving us some secrets about the brazen success of New Zealanders… After all, who has never dreamed of a Bara – the Mo’unga Knuckle throws us the first stone!

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Super rugby.  Video.  Mo'unga does the show and the Crusaders shock win against the Blues (27 to 43)Super rugby. Video. Mo’unga does the show and the Crusaders shock win against the Blues (27 to 43)


Parra – Lopez, Lopez – Parra, it’s like Batman and Robin or Maëva Ghennam and the extras, one does not go without the other. In June 2022, ASM turned an important page in its history and left Camille Lopez for the USAP so that Aimé-Giral would still be entitled to a wizard despite the departure of prodigy Melvyn Jaminet. In fact, his friend follows him from the joint of Clermont towards the Catalan city, and there is no need to know more. With these two, 33 years old at the time of the signing, it’s clear Perpignan won’t be preparing for the future. But like everything touted, the key is often to survive in the moment, rather than build for the long term. In that sense, who can claim that the Deghmache-Tedder joint will be more effective than Parra and Lopez in helping the club stay in the Top 14 for the second year in a row? On the other hand, for the shirtless photos at Cannet, we’ll be back.


Finally, a little serious again to finish it all off. In our opinion, Bordeaux would be the perfect destination for Barra to launch a definitive challenge, perhaps over two seasons. Between Jules Gimbert who uses very little (who currently injured his knee) and Yann Lesgourgues who no longer really pleases Christophe Aureus, we tell ourselves that Clermontois would be the perfect candidate to make a couple with Maxime Lucu and bring in great experience at UBB. In fact, it should be known that the Gironde is one of the youngest team in the top 14 – with an average age of 25.3 years – and probably wouldn’t say no to a boy holding a Parra bottle to seal his ends. Title ambitions. As we saw last season, in addition to the stakes, it may have been a lack of experience at this level that prevented Bordella from winning the semi-finals of the tournament against Stade Tolosin. Especially he will find in the Gironde one of those with whom was the French champion in 2017, Rémy Lammerate, while perhaps in the back of his mind the idea of ​​extending François for one year. Triné Duc… Do you remember those who were once the golden boys of French rugby?

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