XV de France. ''Les objectifs, je ne les fixe pas, je n'ai pas besoin de les donner'', lance Laporte

fifteenth of France. “Goals, I don’t set them, I don’t need to give them,” Laporte fired

On Saturday, French rugby union president Bernard Laporte was the guest of Rencontres à XV. Back on France TV after a torturous summer, the rugby-dedicated program gave the rugby chief three-color grounds on many topics including the 15th of France. Blues have found color since the arrival of Fabian Galthe and his staff. But at the moment, they have not won any competition yet. Before thinking about the World Cup, the French national team should be more competitive. This is going through a series of successful tests in November against Argentina, Georgia and especially the All Blacks. “I am artistic at heart. Goals, I don’t set them. You don’t need to give them up. There is a crew that wants to win everything. Like me when I was training: I wanted to win everything. So here it is, it’s not the boss who’s going to impose anythingSome will remember, however, that there was talk of a winning goal imposed on Gay Novise in 2017.Equipe narrated five times the eviction of Guy NovisWill the blues be successful in 2021? New Zealand will stand before them in this year’s final test. Blacks who, let’s remember, will be at the end of the season. But the Blacks are still a great team, and it wouldn’t be easy for Pumas and the Georgians to maneuver without the slightest bit of seriousness and application. “The France team is at a very high level now. She will have the ability to win her three matches“.Gaining confidence before the World Cup in France in 2023 is essential. France 15th must present itself as the favourite.”When we won this World Cup, I said that at first it was a huge boon to our sport. So it is a chance for our French team to win a world title. have the ability. We have fallen behind in a lot of World Cups. We are not in first place. He is never the last to win, or else everyone has to fall. Next, we know that a universal nickname has nothing to do with it. But if you are not in the starting grid, it is very difficult to win“While beating the New Zealanders would be good for morale, it does not guarantee a World Cup victory.fifteenth of France.  Info or Intox: ``If you want to be a world champion, you have to defeat the blacks in November''fifteenth of France. Info or Intox: “If you want to be a world champion, you have to defeat the blacks in November”

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