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With the help of Super Dupont, Stade Toulouse took a fifth victory at Biarritz (11-17). (© Icon Sport)

French Champion, Toulouse Stadium He continues surfing in his gorgeous Basque Country, having won on Saturday, October 2, 2021 at Biarritz, on behalf of 5NS day Top 14 (11-17). If the match takes too long to boot, re-entryAntoine Dupont They clearly tipped the scales in favor of Hauts-Garonnais, who remain undefeated and more than ever leaders in the championship.

Toulouse was renewed, but the beginning of the fire

On the Toulouse side, Ugo Mola and his staff decided to run, opting for the Bales/Nanai-Williams hinges and the XXL seat. Regardless of the players who lined up, Toulouse decided not to deny themselves, and the tone was set right away…

Lucas Tausen is uninspired

However, after a thrilling start, errors from both sides were restricted, and 37 minutes of play did not pass before the scoreboard was freed, with a penalty kick from Thomas Ramos. 0-3, that was the score at the end of the renewal match and where some players weren’t necessarily in their favour…

1.5 million for my right?

from his side, Pita Ahki Always on a little cloud. The New Zealand center, who had already composed a decisive tackle against Clermont last week, brought him back to Steve Barry, and also signed a beautiful copy. One of the few in this first chapter.

Super Dupont has arrived

Returning from the locker room, Biarritz took charge of the indifferent and undisciplined residents of Toulouse. Yes, but here, if BOPB advances for a few minutes (6-3), that was before Antoine Dupont played. In 3 minutes, the international number 9 changed the face of the game. First, he offered Tim Nanai Williams a bid, before going solo in the Promised Land. From 6-3, the score increased to 6-17. game over.

red ticoree felt

While the Stadistes could see the end of the match coming, why not consider the offensive bonus, they have complicated it yet Go Tekori red card. Returning to the competition and entering the game with difficulty, Samoa threw a nice slap on the head of Biarritz prostitute Roman Rovinach. Indisputable red!

Vincent Martin, took advantage of his team’s numerical superiority to score in the corner. But Brett Heron failed to turn around, depriving his team of the defensive bonus. tough on bob. On the other hand, Toulouse was still a chilling realism…

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