US: Heavy rain raises fears of 'one of the biggest tidal floods in recent years'

US: Heavy rain raises fears of ‘one of the biggest tidal floods in recent years’

Less than two months later Heavy rain from Storm Ida In which about fifty people died, the East Coast of the United States once again faces bad weather. Heavy flooding hit the eastern coast of the United States Friday evening, especially coastal areas around Washington, DC and Baltimore.

The US Weather Service (NWS) warned that the area was experiencing what could be “one of the largest tidal floods in 10 to 20 years,” adding that the damage in some places could be the most severe, observed since Hurricane Isabel in 2003.

The local weather service said on Twitter Friday that tidal flooding or rain and “strong winds and severe thunderstorms capable of potentially damaging winds” were expected in the area around Washington and Baltimore.

Historic rain

Several coastal flood warnings have been issued by the meteorological services from Virginia to central New Jersey. In Annapolis, a coastal town in Maryland about 50 kilometers from Washington, residents walking the flooded streets were getting water up to their knees. One of them even chose to travel by kayak, thus staying dry.

Sandbags were placed at the entrance to a few shops to prevent water from entering. On Monday, California witnessed record high rains, which caused multiple floods, after months of drought and repeated wildfires.

Role climate change Scientists regularly select to explain the frequency and severity of these extreme weather events. According to the World Weather Attribution Consortium, the catastrophic floods that Germany and Belgium experienced in July were exacerbated by rising temperatures. An increase in the temperature of the atmosphere increases the moisture it can contain.

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