Emmanuel Macron and Joe Biden hold their reconciliation

Emmanuel Macron and Joe Biden hold their reconciliation

The French president and his American counterpart met face to face for the first time since the Australian submarine diplomatic crisis.

Icons are important. US President Joe Biden was eager to fix the turbulent mood of his French partner. Friday in Rome, before the start of the G-20 meeting that is taking place until Sunday in Italy, he moved therefore to meet with the head of state, Emmanuel Macron, in ” french fist “We confirm at the Elysee.” There is clearly a political aspect to all of this and it is important The delegation accompanying the president insists. Joe Biden was greeted at Villa Bonaparte, the site of the French Embassy in the Vatican. A month and a half after the diplomatic crisis for Australian submarines and the Oaks agreement (The United States, Australia and the United Kingdom) concluded behind Paris’ back that Washington was prepared to make some efforts to appease its angered ally.betrayal Late on his schedule, the American president made his host wait nearly an hour and a half before he arrived…

Emmanuel Macron and Joe Biden have already spoken twice on the phone since “bad shot September 15. On Friday, they met physically for the first time to conduct a French-American reconciliation. So the handshake on the balcony was warm. In a short statement to the press before their interview, Emmanuel Macron allowed Joe Biden to reach out to him to hold his hand and go get it. Then the US president repeated the call as a strong emotional sign. “We do not have an older and more loyal ally “He did not say.”France is a precious partner, a strength in itself ‘, he insisted.

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«We made clear what needs to be clarified The French president confirmed that the dispute had ended. He cited France’s key issues such as European defense, European sovereignty, the strategic partnership in the Indo-Pacific, and US involvement in the Sahel region in support of French military operations. Emmanuel Macron confirmed that he wants to turn “to the future Strengthening cooperation between the two countries.

Reconciliation will end. By torpedoing a major contract for the sale of attack submarines in Canberra, the United States drew rare ire from France, transforming it into the stature of a marginal hub. Paris had recalled its ambassador in a first of its kind in the history of the two countries. “What happened was embarrassing Joe Biden agreed before confidently asserting:I thought France knew that(which – which)the agreement(with Australia)will not hold up.Emmanuel Macron did not take the unlikely confirmation. In diplomacy, you have to know how to reap success and keep up with appearances.

Joe Biden is a pragmatist and his face-to-face policy with China. The issue of French support for American interests is marginal in light of the imbalance of power. But the Biden administration is keen to maintain clear good relations with its allies, especially with France, to extol the virtues of pluralism. After the Trump years, the United States wants to show that it is not isolated. They also intend to be able to delegate security to others in certain areas far from their Asian targets, such as in the Mediterranean or in Africa. “In the coast, you do most of the workThe US president confirmed. United States of America “Make very practical decisionsRejoice Emmanuel Macron. In Mali, drones and US intelligence are essential in the fight against armed jihadist groups. The interview then lasted an hour in a strict closed session first.

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tangible gains

After the diplomatic crisis, the head of state hopes to reap some tangible gains: first of all, to rise to the rank of decisive interlocutor of the world’s leading power, and then to raise the hesitation within the European Union for greater strategic independence. However, Joe Biden did not say a word about it openly. In the Elysee Palace, we insisted before the meeting on the subject of “Make everyone agree that there is no contradiction between European defense and NATO».

The two leaders also agreed toSeveral bilateral partnerships, reassured Emmanuel Macron, citing arms exports, nuclear and renewable energies, space and “THE MOST INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY». «These are very concrete decisionsWho came to support?A process of trust we build togetherEmmanuel Macron assured. Details to come. As for Joe Biden, he could take pleasure in de-escalation of the feud with France. He will be able to focus on other issues.

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