The hidden role of vaccines

The hidden role of vaccines

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Breast milk is absolutely amazing: the antibodies it contains give babies complete protection for their health and keep them safe. But since these antibodies “neutralize” the vaccines, breastfeeding should be discontinued in favor of the vaccines. So what is the point of vaccines? Are we hiding something?

According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) vaccination schedule, newborns should be vaccinated from the sixth week. The RKI and scientists at the CDC recommend that mothers temporarily stop breastfeeding. In this way, they say, the effectiveness of oral vaccination against rotavirus can be enhanced. Breast milk is said to contain a lot of antibodies that can neutralize the vaccine immediately.

They write in the CDC study: ” Instead of forgoing vaccines so that breast milk immunizes the baby and makes it healthy, mothers should forgo breast milk and vaccinate the baby instead, so the vaccines can “do their job” ».

The question is, what exactly is this “function” of vaccines for children, when the immunological effect of breast milk is much stronger. Isn’t there something clearly hidden?

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