Unlimited Test Drive: Solar Crown shows off its large map environments |  Xbox One

Unlimited Test Drive: Solar Crown shows off its large map environments | Xbox One

The mere mention of Test Drive can send chills down the spine of fans of open world racing games. Instead, the Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown itself recently surfaced with new images of its environments.

A vast map to explore in Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown

Information shared in March looked at cars, customizations, or vendors, but it’s the TDU: Solar Crown map we’re talking about today.

As a reminder, Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown will present a 1: 1 scale reproduction of the island of Hong Kong, more than 1,000 square kilometers of narrow streets, wide highways and other mountain trails, as the likes of the developers. Routes over 600 km long promise variety.

Besides the different types of terrain, there is a dynamic system of weather and time of day: you can go from a sunny ride at dawn to a long night ride under stormy skies.

Rain has a significant impact on the behavior of your car: you will have to adapt your driving to avoid unexpected skidding and possibly change tires and gear ratios. Don’t forget to activate the windshield wipers so the sun comes back and you can lower the hood again! The day/night cycle is also realistic with distinct phases for dawn, day, evening and night.

There are 14 areas on the map to explore, with activities, events, and items to find and collect. We know that wrecks go back to Hong Kong and that spare parts can be found all over the island. Those who manage to find all the parts will be able to get token cars.

Stroll through downtown Wan Chai, the financial district where high-rise buildings like the Hopewell Center and Convention Center are located, then through the central area under the Bank of China and the Lippo Twin Towers Centre, Hong Kong’s iconic skyscraper.

Eastern Docklands is the perfect playground for the streets. Their headquarters, an underground industrial nightclub. If you prefer a quieter, residential atmosphere, the Repulse Bay area, with its upscale merchants, is the perfect place. Repulse Bay, with its luxury concessionaires, is located in the south of the island. The Peak, the island’s highest point, is ideal for off-road driving and enjoying the city at sunset.

Are you an inveterate explorer? Go in search of small fishing villages at the foot of the Tay Tam Toc reservoir, which can only be reached by small paths; Then take your Dragon’s Back to join Shek O for unforgettable gaming moments that can only be found in TDUSC.

Moving on, we invite you to consult our interview with Alain Garneau, Creative Director at KT Racing and veteran of Test Drive licensing. We find out how the studio is preparing for its future with this big project, and how the license differs from Forza Horizon. Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown is set to release this year on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S.

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