Twitch: It’s killing me!  Zeirat speaks after the harassment he is subjected to with ZLAN

Twitch: It’s killing me! Zeirat speaks after the harassment he is subjected to with ZLAN

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If you follow Zerater And its events for a while, you are no strangers to it Various dramas that can revolve around her. be it zlan or ZEVENT, Some guests, for some part of the community, do not have a place in the various formations or even should not be able to register.

This new version of ZLAN was no exception in this regard. But things went too farto the point where he forced Zerater into giving a very long explanation of the situation in an effort to calm things down.

Zerator is the victim of intense harassment around ZLAN 2023

ZLAN is above all event about sports And a shared passion, however, some quickly forget sportsmanship and push the boundaries… It’s in a (very) long tweet Zerator spoke Today to explain his point of view and situation harassment from him or his relatives suffer because of ZLAN.

In fact, since the participants announced (the side of the banners) Hate messages seem to be on the rise, even outside of Twittereven affect those close to the operators.

The large number of messages that undermine the credibility of his work and person Seems it really affected him. Which is quite understandable, but above all it would have been to see his entourage and squads attack which would have prompted him to explain the situation publicly.

Zerator is reconsidering its commitments to ZLAN

As Zerater explains in his tweet, The competition is open to absolutely all playersOn the streamers side, that’s it Scenery Who determines who comes or not. As a result, the ZLAN organization is actually not like that Unable to control who participates Except in the case where the “problematic” actors are Officially approved by the courts.

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Somewhere this has not been the case, and for all the criticism that can be leveled towards the broadcast device, Xerater and his staff are unable to prevent anyone from competing without legal the risk of putting themselves in a legally dubious position.

Although Sardoche is a name that comes up often and the community has made it known in many past events that he is a problem for them, it cannot be left out, even if that is what the community desires. Zerator also states that all participants who may be problematic They are contacted and it is up to them to estimate the risks of their presence at the various events. from his side, Zerator can only fire someone if they show unacceptable behavior during any of the events And not before that! Which makes a huge difference legally.

It remains only to hope that the inconveniences to which Xerater and his kin are victims will subside after this explanation which makes a clear distinction between what the operator wishes to do, and what he can really put into practice.

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