Microsoft revolutionized SwiftKey (Android and iPhone) with ChatGPT integration

Microsoft revolutionized SwiftKey (Android and iPhone) with ChatGPT integration

We wondered why Microsoft bundled dozens of apps on iOS and Android. The introduction of conversational AI now allows a purpose to be given to this group. SwiftKey, for Android and iPhone, takes advantage of ChatGPT and a myriad of new “smart” features.

Source: Microsoft

Microsoft had planned to shut down SwiftKey on iOS in 2022, but ultimately decided against it. We expected it, Microsoft announce Integration of Bing chatbot, a GPT-4-based conversational AI, into the smartphone keyboard app on Android and iOS. This integration allows users to chat with the bot directly from their mobile keyboard and search for information without having to switch apps.

Three new features

Bing offers three main features on SwiftKey: catAnd Tone And seek. With the chat function, users can access Bing for more detailed queries. The tone function helps to customize the text according to different situations through artificial intelligence. The search function allows you to quickly search the web directly from the keyboard, thus avoiding switching from one application to another.

Function Tone It is designed to facilitate and improve user communication by using artificial intelligence to adapt their text to all situations. This feature can come in handy when you’re having trouble adopting a formal tone in your work emails or if you’re learning a new language and need help choosing the right words, according to Microsoft. This feature helps make your sentences more professional, informal, polite, or brief enough to post on social media.

Thanks to the search function, it is possible to perform quick web searches directly from the keyboard, eliminating the need to switch between applications. The company notes that this feature can come in handy when you’re chatting with a friend and want to dig in mid-conversation.

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New SwiftKey features are available in all countries where Bing is available. The search functionality is available to everyone, but accessing Tone and Chat requires logging in with an authorized Microsoft account to access the new version of Bing.

Microsoft also announced today that it’s expanding access to Bing in Skype group chats. Finally, Bing is now available through Microsoft Start, the company’s personalized news reading experience.

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