United separatist political organizations in the face of social crisis

United separatist political organizations in the face of social crisis

A meeting of a number of national political organizations this morning. They spoke to the press to express their feelings about the social crisis plaguing Guadeloupe. A social crisis but, according to these organizations, it is also a political crisis.

ANG, Allians pou Gwadloup, CIPN, MIR, FKNG or even UPLG, as many national political organizations gathered this morning, in Abymes, to speak with one voice and give their position on this social crisis affecting Guadeloupe.

For Lawrence Maciapa, a spokesperson for the ANG, this crisis was foreseeable.

In terms of crisis management, it has been twenty months since the representatives of Guadeloupe, whether political, economic or cultural, were not heard or heard when they requested adjustments or arrangements to manage this crisis. If everyone was on the sidelines and two people we didn’t choose decided everything, this crisis would have been expected today.

Lawrence Maciapa, spokesperson for ANG

They are calling for the localization of power. All these national political organizations today want to speak with one voice and urgently need to consult with the French state.

To hear ANG spokesperson Laurence Maquiaba, at mic by Ludivine Guiolet-Oulac and Olivier Duflo

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