Il s'agit de la fraude la plus grave dans la gestion de la pandémie en Belgique.

Belgian doctor suspected of having received 2,000 false vaccines

The goal was to issue health permits. People who have benefited from it are subject to prosecution, according to the Walloon Ministry of Health.

Belgian justice is investigating a doctor suspected of having registered 2,000 fake vaccines against Covid, fraud “the most dangerousSo far in the management of the epidemic in Belgium, according to the Walloon Health Minister, who revealed the facts on Tuesday.

unpaid wages

This practitioner from the French-speaking part of the country would have offered his services.”All over Wallonia“Sometimes they are paid for injections that did not happen. The goal was to give the patient a health clearance that would allow them to escape the restrictions in force.

«It’s a vaccination fraud by a doctor who coded an astronomical number of people who would have had (…) 2,000 in total.“It is impossible for one doctor to vaccinate so many people in so many different places,” Kristi Moriale, Minister of Health for the Walloon Region, told RTBF over the microphone.

Justice has been set and the doctors in the case have been ordered, and this GP has already been denied access to the database focused on vaccinations. He should be tried for forgery and forgery. The minister indicated that people who have benefited from his services are also subject to legal procedures.

Health permit “suspended”

First, their health (or “Covid Safe Ticket“in Belgium) was”suspendedThey will be contacted to receive the appropriate vaccination, according to Kristi Moriali.

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«We realized on tax-fighting websites that there were calls to buy fake certificates‘, gave some access to false vaccinations (to communicate with the doctor who records the act), explained this socialist official in the regional government of former Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo.

«This is the most important and dangerous anomaly, it is a very dangerous act, (…) a betrayal of trustShe insisted, emphasizing that thesefalse vaccination»Expose their social connections to the disease.

These facts were revealed at a time when Belgium is experiencing an explosion of new pollution (average more than 15,000 per day versus 2,000 about six weeks ago), which has led to an increase in the number of hospitalizations. In addition, as elsewhere in Europe, the polarization is increasingly strong between vaccinated (75% of all Belgians) and non-vaccinated people who present themselves as defenders of ‘freedomSunday, a demonstration in support of «Freedom“35,000 people gathered in Brussels, according to the police. And turned into clashes with the police.

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