In the UK, jojo does not mean "BoJo" - Release

In the UK, jojo does not mean “BoJo” – Release

Anarchy in the UK

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After a chaotic speech, the British prime minister worried in his camp, from the right-wing press to Tory MPs. Boris Johnson, a participant in extravagance, had reached his limits.

What if a little slut, all pink in her fuchsia dress, cute and deceitful, turned her head at Boris Johnson? The British were astonished, Tory MPs choked on a cup of tea. Officials at 10 Downing Street, the prime minister’s residence, hug the walls. Or, on the verge of a stroke, let the media penetrate, anonymously of course, their anger or resentment, it’s up to you. “Concern is growing about the Prime Minister,” Confie-t-on. “It just doesn’t work. The cabinet has to wake up and demand serious changes or things will get worse,” Another source told the BBC. The panic reached such a point that on Tuesday, the Prime Minister’s spokesman had to repeat what Boris Johnson had said on several occasions “Not bad, healthy and never lost control.” Yes we are there.

The little screw-tailed slut has been the culmination of a series of blunders, scandals, and what seems to have stuck to your Bass Boris Johnson for quite some time now. So Peppa Pig is the name of this little pig, this cartoon character that arrived in 2004 on British television, and then very quickly all over the world. To the amazement of everyone, especially her creators who separated a humorous press release, Peppa Pig found herself at the heart of – somehow the guest of honor – for his speech on Monday…

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