UN official: Nine killed by gunfire at a UN shelter in Gaza

UN official: Nine killed by gunfire at a UN shelter in Gaza

Two tanks opened fire on a United Nations training center turned into a shelter for displaced people in Khan Yunis, southern Gaza Strip, wounding two people. “Nine dead and 75 wounded”This was stated on Wednesday, January 24, by a United Nations official X (formerly Twitter). “Two tanks hit a building housing 800 people.”Thomas White, director of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA), identified the situation in Gaza, while the Israeli army intensified its operations against the Palestinian Islamic movement Hamas in Khan Yunis, which it is besieging. Follow our live broadcast.

Soon a new truce between Israel and Hamas ? Brett McGurk, Advisor to US President Joe Biden for Middle East Affairs, “Located in Cairo” To discuss a “break” In the fighting and the release of the hostages, according to Washington. “I can't tell you if and when we can get there, but the talks are very sober and serious to try to conclude another hostage agreement.”White House spokesman John Kirby said.

Khan Yunis is in the heart of the fighting. Early Wednesday, witnesses reported that Israeli military helicopters opened fire around Khan Yunis, the main town in the southern Gaza Strip, where local Hamas leaders are hiding, according to Israel. The Israeli army claims it has “surrounded” This city ordered the evacuation of residents.

The two-state solution is still rejected. Until now, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government has opposed the creation of an independent Palestinian state alongside Israel. This rejection of the two-state solution “unacceptable” And risks 'Prolonging the conflict' UN Secretary-General António Guterres warned before the Security Council.

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