It's no surprise that Joe Biden won the Democratic primary in New Hampshire

It's no surprise that Joe Biden won the Democratic primary in New Hampshire

While all eyes were on Republicans in the race for the White House on Tuesday, a previously scheduled vote was also taking place in the opposite camp. President Joe Biden won the Democratic Party primary elections in New Hampshire, according to American media, in a first step towards his inauguration in the period leading up to the presidential elections in November, possibly against Donald Trump.

Both the 81-year-old Democrat and the 77-year-old real estate mogul won their parties' primaries in this northeastern US state.

IVG promises to be the theme of the campaign

Joe Biden was born in Virginie, in the capital of Washington, in the camp to protect the target at the hotel, the theme that may be caused by the appearance of the president's face at the conservatories, where he rested on the grounds of the IVG toujours. a little.

Due to a dispute with the local branch of the Democratic Party over the election calendar, Joe Biden did not appear on the ballots in New Hampshire. But voters can still write his name on ballots to give him their vote. Joe Biden faced little-known Democratic challengers, elected official Dean Phillips and author Marianne Williamson, an author of books on personal development.

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