List of cities where life is good

List of cities where life is good

Exclusive – Housing, security, purchasing power, climate, entertainment… Le Figaro Ranked the best cities to settle in Portugal for French workers, retirees or students.

Portugal always attracts. Even if tax rules become less beneficial for retirees, the country “Black» It still has serious advantages for about 60,000 French people who lived there. “There are fewer elderly people, but for several years there has been an explosion in the number of families. People come for the peace and security and to have better purchasing power. Not to mention that the school system – especially the teaching of English – is very good.”», explains Leonel Silva, of SodadExpats, which supports expatriation candidates. It is also a student's paradise. The number of young French people in Portuguese universities is on the rise. There were more than 2,500 According to the latest figuresAn increase of 129% in 3 years. Finally, French business leaders still benefit from very low taxes in certain regions.

But be careful, not all cities are created equal. So, to figure out where to consider settling without unpleasant surprises, we measured the quality of life of workers and retirees in the country's 50 most populous cities on one hand; And for students in 11 university cities on the other hand. Through 20 criteria grouped into different categories (security, entertainment, purchasing power, health, real estate, transportation, etc.), we were able to compare municipalities. Discover all the results.

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