Twitter unveils a real (disturbing) hate campaign against Meghan Markle

Twitter unveils a real (disturbing) hate campaign against Meghan Markle

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for about two years, Meghan Markle And Prince Harry is missing from social media, and they’ve decided to spend a lifetime doing a digital detox “in order to preserve myself” as Meghan Markle herself explained in an interview with luck. Similarly, Harry A . said fast company: “We will return to social media when we see fit, perhaps when we see a more meaningful commitment to change.” Here, the day they come back to life online today seems further away than ever, especially by observing Poll results conducted by Bot Sentinel, a browser plug-in created in 2018 to analyze Twitter account activity and identify those that violate the platform’s terms of service.

According to the analysis of the service against Meghan Markle It won’t be the work of lonely haters, but a real hate campaign Perfectly coordinated and organized to avoid Twitter censorship. Twitter’s Terms of Service prohibit abusive behavior “that harasses, intimidates, or is otherwise intended to humiliate or degrade others” and account coordination at the expense of others.

To get a sense of this type of behaviour, Bot Sentinel conducted an analysis of more than 114,000 tweets about Harry and Meghan. The result was very shocking: most hate and The misinformation about the couple originated from a small set of accounts whose primary, if not the only, purpose appears to be to tweet negatively about them. Of these 83 profiles comes 70% of negative content.

The analysis also revealed a level of refinement and coordination between the accounts, which use 187,631 common followers to support the campaign and Achieving estimated potential reach of at least 17 million Twitter users. According to Christopher Buzzi, CEO of Bot Sentinel BuzzFedd News USA: “That level of complexity comes from the people who know how to do these things, who are paid to do these things.” However, including their methods, it is not clear what caused these actions: “Are they people who hate her? Is it racist? Are they trying to damage Harry and Meghan’s credibility?” Your hypothesis is as good as ours. What is certain is that “there is a difference between freedom of expression and Literally harassing someoneBozy concluded. Meanwhile, a Twitter spokesperson told A BuzzFeed who are “actively investigating” and will take action on accounts that violate the Twitter Rules.

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