Women's World Cup Australia and New Zealand 2023

Women’s World Cup Australia and New Zealand 2023


A vibrant and vibrant new brand for the 2023 Women’s World Cup featuring distinctive cultural elements, a bold logo and a vibrant vocal identity.

Beyond Greatness™ is a new tournament theme that aims to unite and inspire people through the power of the FIFA Women’s World Cup and women’s football.

FIFA has unveiled an exciting and bold new brand identity for the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 in Australia and New Zealand, a brand that includes a clear and fresh approach to uniting and inspiring everyone around the world with the power of the FIFA Women’s World Cup and women’s football.

The identity and logo of the brand combine the beautiful local landscapes with the bright colors of the two host countries, creating a platform of rainforests, different soils, mountains, cities and waters of both countries. The 32 participating nations, shared by Aboriginal Australians and New Zealand culture – mean not only that the best teams in the world have come together, but also symbolize the spirit and values ​​of the host countries that will once again light up the world of football intertwined in their hearts.

Speaking about the new identity of the 2023 Women’s World Cup, FIFA Secretary General Fatma Samoura said: “Women’s football continues to grow, and this new motto (Beyond Greatness) is nothing but an embodiment of the position that FIFA aspires to be. .Access to women’s football In the hearts and minds of football fans around the world, and this new brand alluringly symbolizes the expansion of the tournament from 24 to 32 teams, as well as the colors of the national teams that will participate in the women’s football final, what a long-awaited event with our hearts.”

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This was the brand’s debut in a live broadcast featuring FIFA Women’s Football President, former New Zealand player Sarai Barman, Australian striker Kah Simon, as well as the New Zealand striker. The show airs on Australian and New Zealand Optus Sport Sky TV The meaning behind the ambitious and vibrant championship logo is an all-new show featuring unique styles co-created with local Aboriginal artists.

Speaking during the presentation about the vision behind the brand, Sarai Barman said: To the world from Australia and New Zealand.

“It’s a movement we want everyone to be a part of, and you’ll see great displays of the best female athletes in the world, two beautiful cities, and two amazing cultures. It would be a unique event like this one. It’s unlike anything you’ve seen before, so look inside!”

In addition to the dramatic visuals, a custom audio identity has been revealed for the tournament titled Unity created by acclaimed musician and electronic producer Kelly Lee Owens who appeared as a special guest on the show and said he drew music from the same ideals and values ​​that drove the creation of the official Beyond Greatness™ logo.

The CEO of the 2023 Women’s World Cup, Dave Beachy, said the launch of the brand was an important step in the preparations for the tournament, saying, “The unveiling of this dynamic and innovative brand is an important step in the tournament and the road to 2023 for the tournament,” they added. country, and we are very proud to see the indigenous Maori and Australian cultures playing a major role in creating this strong and unique global brand, and we believe it is a fitting symbol of our aspirations to host a tournament that brings together not only players and individuals. Fans transcend greatness, but will continue the incredible continuing momentum in the growth of women’s sports and gender equality.

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“Australians and New Zealanders look forward to offering their famous ‘and wonderful’ hospitality to all our visitors to celebrate the world’s largest women’s sporting event in two beautiful cities,” he added.

The FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 will see the world’s best player compete for the biggest prize in women’s football between July 20 and August 20, 2023, and the expanded format of the competition will feature 32 national teams. For the first time in the tournament’s history and the first time two countries have hosted such an event.

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