Sardegna Tries X: Sardinia's first champions

Sardegna Tries X: Sardinia’s first champions

Riccardo Spano and Maria Elena Mora are the champions of the first day of competitions at Sardegna Tries X, the three days of outdoor sports that opened today, Saturday 30 October, with the Sardinian Aquathlon Championship, a discipline that includes a segment of one kilometer swimming and a 5 kilometer running on foot. On his 18th birthday, Cagliari Spano (triathlon fuel) demonstrated his running supremacy after completing swimming alongside Andrea Scanno (Team Tri-Sassari), who reached the finish line in Punta Marana in second place at 1’38”. Young Angelo Dao (Tri Team Sassari), born in 2004, completed the podium.” I am doubly happy,” Spano explained after crossing the finish line. – “The sea was flat, and the conditions were ideal for expressing myself at best while swimming.

Then I ended up running smoothly. I come from athletics, so running is my strength, but I also grow into swimming and cycling with a goal of triathlon.” In the women’s race, Mora (Team Tri-Sassari) left Cristina Legas (Sports Without Borders) behind thanks to optimal energy management. “I’m not very strong in swimming, I realized the speed was too fast for me and I tried to manage myself,” said Maria Elena Mora, professor of mathematics and sciences at Sassari. Swimming) who had some physical problems.” In the morning, the Sardinian Youth Championship competitions were held, under the champions: Michele Lowe and Georgia Perraccini (youth A), Riccardo Loi and Elisa Zorro (boys), Greta Varacino (beginners), Beatrice Varacino (women). puppies).

Tomorrow Sunday, October 31, the Sardegna Tries X program will continue with the International Triathlon Cross Country competition. Many specialty champions around the world: Kieran McPherson (New Zealand), Julien Bove (France), Nicolas Lebrun (France), Xavier Daflon (Switzerland), Leon Drager (Spain), Dominique Wichira (Austria), Felix Schumann (Germany) , Joep Staps (Netherlands), William Allen (US) and Alessandro Degasperi from Trentino in the men’s field, Morgane Riou (France), Kiara Lenaertz (Belgium), Maud Golsteyn (Netherlands) and Blue Monica Cibin for the female test. The athletes will have to face an initial one kilometer swim in the clear waters of Marinella Bay, followed by a mountain bike (23 kilometres) and a run (7 kilometres) that will finish on the single wilderness tracks around the hill. Our Lady del Monte, above Punta Marana, not far from Olbia.

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Aquathlon Classic – Men’s Access Order (Top 3)

1) Riccardo Spano (triathlon fuel) at 29’01”

2) Andrea Scanno (Team Trio Sassari) at 1’38”

3) Angelo Dao (Tri Team Sassari) at 3’24”

Aquathlon Classic – Women’s Access Order (Top 3)

1) Maria Elena Mora (Tri Team Sassari) at 38’46”

2) Cristina Legas (Sports Without Borders) at 32 inches

3) Bianca Delogo (Sassari trio) 1’22”

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