Damien Wenger holds the Turkey title and Mirco Martinez in Tunisia

Damien Wenger holds the Turkey title and Mirco Martinez in Tunisia

Never two without three? Not for Mirco Martinez. After losing twice in the doubles final in Monastir (15,000) during the month of October, Neuchâtelois finally won the title at his third attempt.

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Mirko Martinez, linked to New Zealander Ajit Ray on hard ground in Tunisia, beat France’s Axel Garcian and Theo Aribge in the final in three sets 6-4, 1-6, 10-8. After crowning his first in Panama with Friborgoa Adrien Bossell in 2018, the Cadillacs player achieved a second success on the international scene.

Mirco Martinez’s solo adventure was shorter. Neuchâtelois was released as soon as he entered the race. He was eliminated by Serbian Viktor Jovic 3-6 5-7.

Imperial Wenger in Turkey

Mirco Martinez wasn’t the only CT Neuchâtel member to shine this week. With German Timo Studer, Damien Wenger won the title in Antalya ($15,000). For Neuvevillois, this is her second ITF doubles title after the Sion Championships alongside Concisois Louroi Martinez in 2017.

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On the clay courts of Turkey, the Cadillac and German tennis player did not lose a single round in their victorious path. In the final, they made short runs for Argentina’s Juan Pablo Paz and Hungary’s Peter Nagy 6-1, 6-2.

But in the singles, Damien Wenger did not achieve the same success. British Law Neuvevillois Felix Gill suffered 6-7 4-6 in the first round.

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Damien Wenger is expanding his cupboard. Photo: Lukas Voetel

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