Tulips last longer when you know the golden rule of florists

Tulips last longer when you know the golden rule of florists

Tulip season is in full swing! If you have a bouquet at home, it is better to know this tip that will make it last longer. Florists don't always share this secret.

It's fun to decorate the house with flowers at the first sign of spring. Once the mimosas and daffodils pass, the tulips become the stars. They come in pink, red, white and yellow, and they brighten our interiors for a week, sometimes a little less, sometimes a little more, it all depends on how you take care of them. To prolong their brilliance, a tip that florists know is crucial, but they often forget to share it when buying a bouquet. Once and for all, a Dutch florist from Holland (the land of tulips) offers his best tips for keeping them fresher for longer.

Before bringing home tulips, first make sure they are as fresh as possible! To do this, gently rub the stem of one of the flowers between your fingers: you should hear a slight squeaking sound, a sign of good health. Once you return home, you should follow the expert's advice: the water in the vase should be completely cold. Although tulips are very water hungry, you should not overfill the vase. Instead, drink 5 to 10 centimeters of water. Then, instead of changing the water in the vase as we do with most flowers, the florist advises adding water regularly to the vase without emptying the water during the first few days. Does that seem strange to you? In fact, giving your tulips fresh, fresh water provides them with a stimulus that encourages them to grow faster and thus wilt more quickly. So don't throw away the water in the vase, refill it and your flowers will last longer. Easy right? This will also avoid having to handle the flowers as they become more fragile. You will also make sure that the leaves are not soaked in water.

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Another important element to avoid risking your package ending prematurely: its location. The florist should be transparent, and the vase should not be under direct sunlight or near heating, because tulips cannot tolerate heat. The ideal solution is to place it in a cool room, taking care to avoid drafts.

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