Xbox Game Pass: Two games arrived today, including a true favorite |  X-Box

Xbox Game Pass: Two games arrived today, including a true favorite | X-Box

Xbox Game Pass is already packed with new features at the beginning of April. After Lil Gator, version 1.0 of Turbo Golf Racing or even EA SPORTS PGA TOUR for Ultimate and PC Game Pass subscribers only, two more titles join the catalogue, namely Botany Manor and Kona.

Kona is available to download now on console and is also available in the cloud for Ultimate subscribers. You can learn more about it with our test.

Botany Manor is not yet downloadable, but will be available later today on Xbox Series It will also be cloud playable for Ultimate members. We can only recommend you try it, it's a real favorite of ours.

Botany Manor (console, PC, cloud)

Welcome to Botany Manor, a majestic country house in 19th century England. She will play Arabella Green, a retired botanist. Explore your field full of clues to identify the perfect habitat for your mysterious plants. Every seed grows to reveal its secrets…

KONA (Console and Cloud)

Northern Quebec, Canada, 1970. A freak snow storm blows over Lake Atamipec. Play as a detective to explore the most mysterious village, investigate supernatural events and survive the wrath of the elements. The first in a series of four games, Kona is an interactive story that will send shivers down your spine.

October 1970. W. Hamilton, a wealthy industrialist, reported several cases of vandalism committed on his property, a hunting palace located in northern Quebec, Canada. Unable to find the culprits, Hamilton calls in Carl Faubert, a famous private detective, to take charge of the case.

In Kona, Carl finds himself caught in the middle of an impromptu storm, far to the north. Thus, the player embodies the character of Detective Faubert and will have to shed light on the strange events taking place in the region.

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