Netflix disappears from many connected TVs: Is your device affected?

Netflix will soon no longer be accessible on some connected TVs.
Older models dating back 10 to 14 years are affected.
The company cites cybersecurity reasons.

It will no longer be accessible on some connected TVs. It will not be possible to open the Netflix app on some TV models within a few days. It may already be blocked on your device. because of ? Security update excludes some connected displays purchased several years ago. according to ParisianThis suspension of access to the streaming service will only concern TVs purchased 10 to 14 years ago.

Therefore, this change will affect1.7 million devices worldwide out of 260 million subscribers, because we try to maintain compatibility for as long as possible“, specifies the American daily giant. To justify this decision, Netflix cites cybersecurity reasons. According to the company, the old digital protocol that allows some TVs to play video clips, such as movies or series on Netflix, can now be hacked more easily.

Which models are affected?

Therefore, many models will be affected by this update. Parisian Make the list. Smart TVs that may lose access to Netflix due to this security update include:

  • In LG: LM 6410, LM860V, LM 670S, or LM960V ranges, if updates have not been implemented
  • In Samsung: D, E and F ranges in Full HD display
  • In Sony: Bravia and Legacy ranges

As for HDMI switches that allow you to connect any type of TV to Netflix or other video streaming apps, only the second- and third-generation Apple TVs will lose compatibility with the US app.

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