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Window shopping in the former wasteland

Soon the Christmas markets will flourish! Its stalls filled with artisanal objects fascinate me, just like those at the Salon des métiers d’art du Québec, because well-made, handcrafted works come alive. While recently passing through Switzerland, I couldn’t resist this new guided walking tour Made in Zurich. “The common thread of this tour is artisanal creativity, innovation and sustainability, and it is less about visiting shops and more about appreciating knowledge,” says guide Luciola König, who helped develop it. At the right time, at the right time! The road takes us to an emerging area, Orupalli, “where you wouldn’t have wanted to move not so long ago!” » continues the former economist. It occupies the site of the former warehouses of the national railway company SBB and is adjacent to another revived area, the Industriequartier, now West Zurich. Along the way from Central Station, we visited a soap shop, which helps promote the history of the important financial centre. MI In fact, König reminds me that Zurich’s banks arose from the presence of strong local industries in another era, such as soap-making and silk-weaving, not to mention chocolate-making. From fair trade coffee to hat making and then cheese making, we’ve got it covered Eva Brautigam’s workshop. Normally, we wouldn’t go there as part of this trip, but there was no question for me to ignore it: I was so fascinated by this tailor who handcrafts less than a dozen tailored suits and suits. Each year, each represents approximately 130 hours of attention to detail! “It’s my passion,” the craftsman said. My customers respect my work, so much so that many don’t want me to sew my brand onto their clothes, because they don’t care. “And strike, FAst Fashion And fashion did you see me here, it’s 1-0 for tradition!

Following the sun among the kiwis

In these times, blessed are the people of the Southern Hemisphere, especially New Zealanders, who see the light daily before everyone else! It will soon be summer in their house. Indeed, they are going on a cruise in the archipelago Poor knights, off the coast of the North Island, and dive in the wake of Jacques Cousteau, in waters submerging the stunning eroded remains of the volcano. (The word diver, for those who like underwater caves, is fascinating.) Others head to the South Island, near Central Otago, in search of the best Pinot Noir. They will definitely find them at Rippon, which is on the list Best Vineyards in the World 2023. Personally, I wanted to relax on one of the deserted beaches in Abel Tasman National Park. Not you ?

Paris 2024: from the street to the square

In collaboration with the Olympic Museum of Lausanne, Paris je t’aime presents the exhibition Spot24. This highlights the Olympic sports that will appear for the first time in the French capital next summer, which are breaking and climbing, in addition to other sports that were presented at the Tokyo Olympics in 2021, such as skiing, BMX Freestyle, surfing, and 3X3 basketball. “sPot24 “He brings a new perspective to these sporting practices and these communities that were born on the street, and are today inscribed in the popular imagination,” says Commissioner François Gauthrier. Just a stone’s throw from the Eiffel Tower, we promise you an interactive journey linking urban culture, art, fashion and sports. Until December 31.

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