The Three Things to Remember from Aurillac’s Composition to Receive the Roman Equivalence

The Three Things to Remember from Aurillac’s Composition to Receive the Roman Equivalence

Experienced front five

It was expected and confirmed. Facing a group that promises to be thick, Stade Aurillacois marks the return of its first line Plantier-Smith-Kartvelishvili, in front of a second line similar to the one seen in Provence with Rowland-Dodson’s side.

A good dose of experience, which must be supplemented with a certain weight in the second half. Mehdi Salamani, author of the sensational entry in Aix, is once again sitting on the bench. And if the 6-2 plan prepared by Romeo Gontignac and his assistants includes two third lines, then Eoghan Masterson, who was on the wing at kick-off, could easily slide into the cage at any time.

Unsurprisingly, the first alternative line will allow us to see the Rodgers-Neuradz-Daniel trio, valuable in Aix, with a very big performance in particular from the Georgian, who is fully back from the World Cup.

Romeu Gontignac warned before Aurillac Valence: “Great teams are those that have a series of victories”

Aucagne and Palmier are linked in the starting XV

They finished the game together in Provence, and they’ll start it this time. Not in a 10-12 pattern, but with Vichyssois at the opener and the former Asemist at the back of the field.

This format, whose merits were recently praised by Anderson Niessen and Thomas Larangeira (see our article) before the derby, offers in particular a good mix of solutions with the feet, but also to exploit Palmer’s speed in returning balls or turning.

In this chart, Andersson Naesen, who takes his place on the bench, presents a good full-back profile, also able to cover both positions in case of trouble or to get Pep back during the match.

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Several important returns in the ranks of Aurillac to receive Valencia-Roman

Powell-Peters, Promising Husband

After throwing Ofa Manuvitua into the deep end in the 10th, the coaching staff allowed the New Zealander, who had not played for three months, to breathe a little. It revitalizes Christa Powell, who played a key role in integrating the former 13-man and also put in a positive performance against Brive where her ability to win collisions was at the heart of the system the court planned.

He fixes a pair of complementary positions with Jon Peters, who, similar to Hugo Hormann on the third line, asserts himself in each of his outings. The understanding between the two men – especially in the field of defense, but not only – is growing.

Jean-Paul Cohad



The beginning of the fifteenth: palm trees; Kurtzen, Peters, Powell, Yapacki; (S) Okani, (M) Alanya; Tyson (cap.), Horman, Masterson; Dodson, Roland. Kartvelishvili, Smith, Palantir.

Subs: Nioradze, Rodgers, Salmani, Maitoko, Kambon, Hadinegoro, Naesen, Daniel.

Roman parity

The beginning of the fifteenth: He deserves; Vargas, T tamaki, Nicero, Quinez; (S) Merritt, (M) Lucero; Yashagashvili, Bholi, Brushit (cap.); Maamari, Macauley; Talacchia, Humbert, Royer.

Subs: Marco Pena, Aliu, Breyer, Rowe, Menzel, Bouvert, Boldouar, Goz.

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