Blacks are victims of a conspiracy in France?

Blacks are victims of a conspiracy in France?

The now former New Zealand coach was surprised that the World Cup organization chose to accommodate black people in a Créteil hotel.

Ian Foster will have bitter memories of the World Cup in France. The fault was primarily the one-point defeat in the final to the Boks after New Zealand captain Sam Keane was sent off in the first period. However, this final was somewhat unexpected at the beginning of the competition given the results of recent months, especially the blow that the South African national team received during the last preparatory match for the Lions (35-7).

The World Cup also started poorly for Ian Foster’s men, losing in the opening match to France. Preparation for the match was not ideal at their hotel in Créteil, as they were deprived of air conditioning while temperatures were still summer. “ We had problems with the air conditioning not working. The temperature was 36 degrees, and we felt like we were ten degrees warmer inside. We were running out of air. Every time the toaster was turned on, people would leave the establishment. “It was not the ideal place to prepare for the opening match of the World Cup.” Ian Foster, now former New Zealand coach, expressed his regret, adding: “We settled in the place that the World Rugby Union had identified. It seemed that after us, the teams that were supposed to stay there, Argentina I think, were housed elsewhere… After that, to be fair, the staff were fantastic, and we felt they “They are doing their best to help us. We didn’t say anything. We didn’t want that to be an excuse for our defeat.”

It was a strange place to put us in

The technician did not fail to be amazed by the organizers’ decision to house the All-Blacks team at the Cristolian Hotel. “There’s always this kind of conspiracy theory… Honestly, I don’t know anything about it. It was a strange place to accommodate us, and the Paris region has no shortage of more suitable places, closer to the stadium.“I trust.”

Ian Foster may regret this choice even more after his wife and daughter are attacked by a man with a knife. “It’s not a nice moment to live in, he whispered. The man was high. Well, this kind of thing could happen anywhere in the world, including New Zealand. Lee and Michaela handled the situation well. They were smiling so as not to increase his aggression tenfold, and they knew how to remain mobile as well. They have personality. In fact, their attitude helped me cope.”

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