In the pictures, in the pictures.  Pacific Games 2023: An opening ceremony full of strong emotions

In the pictures, in the pictures. Pacific Games 2023: An opening ceremony full of strong emotions

Even if competition has begun in many disciplines, the ceremony that officially opens the Pacific Games remains a wonderful moment of celebration and emotions of all kinds. An overview of the event that filled Honiara’s new ten-thousand-seat stadium on Sunday evening. The 2023 edition began with the participation of about five thousand athletes representing 24 states and territories in the Pacific region.

It’s always an emotional moment for a Pacific athlete. The athletes’ presentation was held in front of a packed stadium on Sunday evening in Honiara. Enough to give you chills.

Cagous arrives at the opening ceremony.

© Mathieu Ruiz Baroud / NC la 1ère

“Thank you Roger and Charles.”

The traditional tchap cagou had a very special flavor this year. The Caledonians wanted to pay tribute to Roger Kaddour, the father of the games, and Charles Caley, former president of CTOS. They both died in 2021.

Presentation of the Caledonian delegation.

Ethan Dumesnil, Tiva Goriot and Armoni Cunho were chosen as flag bearers for the New Caledonia delegation at this opening ceremony. They are accompanied here by Lax Wejeime.

Unmissable laxity.

He is the soul of the New Caledonia team. Lax is the main facilitator of the delegation and Kajou’s chapter leader. He missed last year’s Saipan MiniGames, and will return this year.

Greetings to the Solomon Islands delegation

More than ten thousand people felt excitement during the procession of athletes passed by the Solomon Islands delegation. A rare enthusiasm that lasted for several minutes.

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Suleiman’s delegation also passes by.

© Mathieu Ruiz Baroud / NC la 1ère

It’s the New Zealanders’ turn.

It’s always a moment that is greatly appreciated by the audience: New Zealanders’ own haka. Note that black has given way to purple for these games.

Construction site with a view.

It’s all good to follow the concert on Sunday evening. Dozens of people gathered at this construction site that dominates the stadium. They will have to be added to the ten thousand seated spectators.

Proximity between Tahiti and Caledonia.

The relationship between Tahiti and Caledonia is still very much alive. He will be on the field all two weeks. But he was also in the audience.

The very small delegation from Norfolk.

Reno sang: “I have a bunch of kids to myself.” This Norfolk athlete is a team unto himself.

Watery opening show.

After more than two hours of athletes showcasing, sports gave way to culture. The water-themed show is a symbolic opportunity to bring together artists from all Solomon Islands.

The final fireworks generated a large cloud of smoke.

Participants in the opening show formed the event’s logo on the ground with three sticks. Like the baton that crossed the country as the torch of the Games, and was brought to the field by the great Solomon Islanders. The ceremony ended duly with a fireworks display. But the scene was spoiled by the proximity of the launch pads, which are located a few meters from the athletics track. Soon, thick smoke filled the stadium.

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