ASM Clermont: Against Toulon, Urios renews the entire group, and Raka and Newsome return

ASM Clermont: Against Toulon, Urios renews the entire group, and Raka and Newsome return

You can’t change which team wins…or very little. That adage sticks this week to ASM and its coach Christophe Auréus, who decided to field the same attacking line-up that started last Saturday in Montpellier.

Minor changes concern the bench, with Daniel Pepe Bezio returning in place of Giorgi Perea. Note that young Australian Miles Amatusero will play his last match with Clermont, and his contract with the Jokers will expire at the World Cup at the end of this week.

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Kylian Tixrunt and Robin Kole will be substitutes, still preferred over Lucas Dessini and Benjamin Boudou. After recovering from back pain, Christian Ojovan will also start on the bench in place of Henzo Keto.

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As for the absence of Beta Gus Soakula, it can undoubtedly be explained by his profile quite similar to that of Markus Kremer, and also by his status as a player outside of JIFF.

The New Zealand third-rower, who has only played 17 minutes against Bayonne so far, will no doubt travel to Toulouse next week.

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Simone, go back to Toulouse

This will also be the case for Irai Simeone, who is again out of the group this week (3 games in a row), and whose status as team leader has not been questioned by the Clermont staff. Christophe Aurios has already announced that the New Zealand center will play in Toulouse and the captaincy is heralded.

Against Toulon, ASM also brought back Aliveriti Raka, who was released last week after losing a former Fijian player as well as Alex Newsome, who was rescued and replaced in Montpellier by Thomas Rozier.

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After sustaining a one-foot injury nearly three months ago (against USAP on August 26), Pierre Voysac, the three-quarter midfielder, returns to the group. He will start on the bench, where Enzo Sanga will also take his place, after Baptiste Juneau was injured.

Christophe Boron

ASM Clermont team

The beginning of the fifteenth: Newsom; Diljoy, Hiritu, Mwala, Raka; (S) Urdabellita, (M) Pizzi; Kramer, Lee, Yato; Simons, Lanen. Soleimani, Finja, Valjou (Cap). Alternatives : Kole, Pepe Bizio, Amatusero, Teixront, Sanga, Bello, Voysac, Ojovan.

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