Travel Guide: Lonely Planet: Germany is not worth traveling in 2024 – Entertainment

Travel Guide: Lonely Planet: Germany is not worth traveling in 2024 – Entertainment

Second among the cities is Paris, which is easily accessible from Germany, “a city that is constantly reinventing itself” and will be “a stunning global stage for the Olympic and Paralympic Games” in 2024.

The leading travel guide “Best in Travel 2024” is published by MairDumont, the largest German travel publishing group based in Ostfeldern near Stuttgart. In previous editions of the series, Germany was not ignored. For example, Saxony’s state capital Dresden for 2023 was listed last year. In 2022, Freiburg im Breisgau ranked third among cities, behind Auckland (New Zealand) and Taipei (Taiwan).

In 2020, Bonn ranked fifth among cities on the occasion of Beethoven’s 250th birthday. In 2019, Germany ranked second among countries, mainly due to the anniversary of the Bauhaus. In 2018, Hamburg ranked fourth among cities. In 2016, Bavaria ranked eighth among the regions, and in 2010 Germany came in second place among the states.

The Lonely Planet brand, founded in 1973, says it has printed more than 150 million travel guides in the past 50 years. The brand can be found on “” (also “.com”), in lifestyle books, e-books, on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and X (formerly Twitter) – and in 14 languages, they say.

The Best in Travel series is one of a slew of editorial lists that purport to select hot travel destinations for a year. The book “Where is the trip headed? – Marco Polo 2024 Direction Guide” has recently been published – also by MairDumont – in which, among other things, a visit to Darmstadt in southern Hesse and several destinations in Austria is recommended.

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