This mid-century New Zealand open kitchen is a reflection of its surroundings

This mid-century New Zealand open kitchen is a reflection of its surroundings

New Zealand: Atelier Jones Design created a kitchen inspired by the surrounding bush for a modest mid-century-style log home.

Because the residents — both avid cooks — wanted an open kitchen with an island built into the living room of a mid-century building, Atelier Jones Design quickly replaced the divider between the living room and kitchen with a sophisticated steel structure, which now includes a kitchen island, swivel lights, and even Includes seasoning station. The result? Fun, colorful and above all practical.

The heart of the kitchen is a kitchen island that serves as an additional work surface and seating area at the same time.

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What makes this New Zealand cuisine special?

For their modest 1950s log home, the homeowners wanted a kitchen that “expressed their hospitality, their passion for cooking, and their love of the surroundings.” A set of requirements, both stylistic and functional. But there is no problem for the internal duo Designed by Atelier JonesAfter all, sophisticated mixtures of styles and materials are his calling. In order to achieve the desire for a feeling of open space, the dividing wall between the kitchen and the living room was first removed and replaced with an L-shaped steel structure, which now contains the heart of the house: a meter-long kitchen island that serves as an extended worktop and seating area. Above is a wooden seasoning station and rotating lights that can be adjusted to suit your mood.

To make sure that all utensils, cleaning rags, etc. are in place despite the openness, the kitchen is divided into different areas that differ from each other not only in their function, but also visually. On the short side are the oven and hob as well as clever storage solutions. Made from recycled Rimu wood, the row contrasts with the light and airy kitchen island on the other side of the room. Another row was placed on the side of the window, which includes the sink and a special area for making pasta. The light moss green powder-coated steel cabinets capture the colors of the surrounding New Zealand landscape and, combined with the reddish-brown wood color of the Rimu tree, create a harmonious overall picture. On the other hand, the burgundy base of the kitchen island is reminiscent of the special leaves of the pohutukawa tree, while the sand-colored lampshades are inspired by the colors of the nearby coast. Through a combination of local woods, colorful steel elements and glossy surfaces, the designers at Atelier Jones brought the surrounding bushland of Auckland into the kitchen and paired it with a winning dose of mid-century.

Design tip for a mid-century kitchen: Be bold and combine different colors and materials together. Particularly warm and bright earth tones make a good basis for adding more color accents. Facades made in warm wood tones blend beautifully with rough steel elements and natural stone worktops. Details like converted wood buttons or a splash guard made of square tiles further emphasize the mid-century vibe.

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