Training control: be more fit with the SMART formula

Training control: be more fit with the SMART formula

Stay motivated

Saarbrucken (dpa / tmn) – Sport and exercise are good for your health and psyche. But this argument often leaves the weaker self indifferent. In order not to lose motivation and stay motivated during training, clear goals and procedures help.

Sports scientist Professor Daniel Capten suggests that you could use the “SMART” formula. The letters in SMART denote traits defined (S), measurable (M), attractive (A), realism (R), and finite (T).

Kaptain uses an example to concretely illustrate what this means: Three weekly training units each take one hour that you handle after work – either the run or the home training session.

To do this, set goals for yourself – for example, you want to feel fit in four or eight weeks, complete a run faster or do more repetitions of exercises like push-ups and squats. So you have a set date to dominate, so (T) you finish your target.

Tangible and measurable goals

By setting concrete goals as much as possible, the desired impact of these training sessions becomes specific (S) and measurable (M). Being fitter and more productive is also a condition perceived as attractive (a) in which the effort is believed to be “worth the effort,” explains the lecturer at the German University for Health Prevention and Management (DHfPG).

Realize that this “feeling” – that is, performance and vitality – must be felt during and after each session, says the military fitness and sports training expert. This is evidence of training with good doses.

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be realistic

Then comes R: given how realistic the goal is, you must answer yourself honestly up front. For example, whether the time budget allows even the amount of training? In the meantime, it is important to always check if the effort is in proportion to the return and feel good.

It makes sense to include training modules in the calendar – on the one hand, bookkeeping is easy to control, and on the other hand it shows you visually what you have achieved.

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