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Gilbert Buckman becomes National Coach for New Zealand show jumpers –

The New Zealand Equestrian Federation searched for an experienced horse-jumper to train the show jumping jockeys for the championship squad.

Gilbert Buckman (age 60) has worked with the Australians for six years and more than two Olympic Games (Hong Kong 2008 and London 2012). So now New Zealand. Gilbert Buckman has always had a connection there through Samantha McIntosh, to whom Check In sold stallion.

“Samantha has been a friend of mine for a long time and I ask her advice a lot. We give some more advice and we know our horses. Needless to say, I wasn’t selling Check In to everyone and she is one of the few I would have entrusted with. I am very happy because he has been so successful for New Zealand.”

The 18-year-old OS stallion logs in by Cordalmé Z-Lord Pezi – by the way, he’s the same as the father of many international show jumpers like Michael Youngs Chelsea and the half-brother of Checkter v. Cellestial – Born in Buckmans and accompanied Samantha Mackintosh to the 2018 World Equestrian Games in Tryon. A year ago he went to his last tournament.

The New Zealanders approached Gilbert Boeckmann and asked him if he wanted to take over as the national coach. A great honor, he says.

“I can only say yes. I look forward to being a part of international sport again – even if I’m not in the saddle. But I love to actively contribute to the success.”

Gilbert Buckman’s successes

Gilbert Buckman knows what he’s talking about as a coach. After all, he had a brilliant career in the saddle himself. Several times he was part of the victorious German Cup of Nations teams and triumphed around the world. His best horse was No Father’s Girl, with whom he won the Münster Grand Prix, for example, in second place in the Verona World Cup and was placed in the NRW Prize in Aachen.

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The injury meant the end of sport for the mare, who, as its name suggests, was a child of love. After her career in show jumping, she went into breeding and gave birth to several foals.

After her, Gilbert Boeckmann was still working at the international level with many horses, for example with the aforementioned little checkers, but also with Lord Fountleroy, who brought him to the sport before he went to Marco Kutcher for the first time, because Henrik Grace and now Marcus Brinkman .

Joy for New Zealand

New Zealand will also be a new experience for Gilbert Buckman. “I’ve never been there before, but my son. After seeing the pictures and hearing his stories, I have to go there someday! There are so many things that I love in the country that I would love to do – ski and go to the beautiful beaches – and most of all – Spending time with horses. “

New Zealanders are “real” horse people. “It’s something that I really respect. It’s hardly found anymore. I admire that they still travel back and forth because of their love for the sport, but also because of their love for their homeland.”

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