Top 14. They’re Still Fighting: Top 5 Youngest Players of the Tournament

At the start of the 2021-2022 Top 14 season, Vadim Kobilas, a pillar of UBB, was the oldest player. (© Icon Sport)

Vadim Kobilas (UBB): 38 years and 35 days

While the Top 14 will resume their rights on Saturday, September 4th, Vadim Kobilas (born July 30, 1983) will enjoy the status of Oldest player in the top 14. At the start of the season, Bordeaux Begley’s correct column was the only player over 38.

Moldova today remains a standard in closed scrum, real rock that knows every twist in the post. For what will likely be his last season, Kubilas is hoping to finally win the title. Her exit would only be nicer.

Sergio Paris (Toulon): 37 years 356 days

The Italian (born September 17, 1983) is still there. Every year, he postpones the end of his football career a little. But soon to be 38 (a little wink: he’ll celebrate a couple of days before facing his former club, Stade de France, editor’s note), the handsome Sergio still has some under the pedal and it shows since arriving in Toulon during summer 2019 (29 games played He played it in two years, started 28 games).

An elegant player, a very powerful ball in his hand, the international with 142 choices dictates his charisma, calmness and right words, making him an excellent relay for his coaches on the field. It remains to be seen if this is the last year we shall see, the straps on the feet, Sergio Paris.

Experts Sergio Baresi and Eben Itzebeth will try to lead the RCT team to a fourth European title.
Sergio Paris, a first-class player, is highly regarded and listened to by his partners. (© Icon Sport)

François de Ross (Biarritz): 37 years 339 days

To try to stay in the top 14, Biarritz relied on experience and had no less than 17 thirties in its ranks. Code is of course experienced Francois de Ross (born September 29, 1983).

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Last year, he had made a major contribution to climbing to 14th place in the BOPB rankings, with 20 matches played. This year, he could probably play a little less with the programmed “hatching” of Lucas Peresblanc and attend Roman Rovinac. Whatever it is: the Basque staff know very well that he can count on François de Ross when he calls.

Joe Tikouri (Toulouse Stadium): 37 years, 260 days

Joe Ticori (born December 17, 1983), apparently one of the lockers in Stade Toulousain’s locker room. The type of player you listen very carefully when he speaks, and who you follow with your eyes closed to enter the fray.

Well, the Samoan is no longer the indisputable bearer, the Arnold twins have taken over, but his contribution to the late game is of rare value. Tremendous power and rhythms always make little impact… He, too, may be his last year, and his station will leave a great void.

Stade Toulousain's second grader, Joe Tekori, is still showing a very good level at the top of the 37.
Stade Toulousain’s second grader, Joe Tekori, is still showing a very good level at the top of the 37. (© Icon Sport)

Daniel Ramsay (Bow): 37 years and 94 days

Since arriving at Bearn in 2012, Daniel Ramsay (born in 1He is June 1984) never cheated and gave himself free to the Paloise department. The second line of duty, the brave fighter, completed in all sectors, the New Zealander arranged the leading performances.

With Matt Philip and Baptiste Bisente departing during an off-season period, Pau will still need Daniel Ramsey. The player knows this, and it is not a trifle that he returned so sharply during the summer preparations.

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