14th place: Castres provides the essentials against Bao

Invasion of Castres with a touch mastered by Ryno Pieterse while receiving Pau at the Top 14, September 4, 2021 RAYMOND ROIG

Rarely in danger, Castries still struggled in front of his fans to beat the charismatic Pau team (16-12) on Saturday in the first day of the Top 14.

Under the scorching sun, Castrais and Palois started their first match of the tournament with their feet on the ground, surrendering blow for blow.

The division was the first to spot the loophole, with a penalty kick from its new English opener Zach Henry, who started in the absence of Antoine Hastoy, who will only be available from next week after taking part in De Blius’ Tour of Australia.

Worried twice by Pau’s downsides, CO eventually responded by scoring an attempt by Argentine opener Benhamin Urdabileta, looking out after a poor negotiating touch.

Before the break, Tarn was unable to beat their opponent despite a high chance of doubling the pot after a dribbling game from Urdapilleta, a former footballer.

The best director of last season, the 30-year-old Argentine did not show his usual success against the stands (2 out of 5) and made way for Ben Botica, who arrived this summer from Bordeaux Begues.

The New Zealander also failed to hide his team forever, but Custer, despite a chaotic version, finally managed to secure the primary.

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