Australia drops to seventh - OA Sport

Australia drops to seventh – OA Sport

Weekend Challenges, between the rugby tournament and the World Cup qualifying tournaments, are changing the values ​​of the global oval ball., with the rankings seeing some interesting shocks behind the best.

If South Africa remains clearly in first place (94.20 points), then all blacks come closeWhich was confirmed to win away from home in second place, but with a score of 90.31 points. England also remained on the podium with a score of 85.44 ., while the top five finish with Ireland (84.85) and France (83.87).

Movements, as mentioned, are behind the best. The apparent defeat at home to New Zealand cost the Wallabies a seat, Argentina thanked them and moved up to sixth place. With 82.86 points. Thus, Australia falls to seventh place with 82.11 points, which is very close to Scotland which is in eighth place with 82.02 points. Wales is more distant, with a score of 80.59 points, while the top ten ends with Japan with a score of 79.13 points.

Outside the top ten we find Fiji (76.87), Georgia (73.73) and Samoa (73.59), which are ahead of Italy, with the Blues with 70.65 points. In 15th place there is Tonga (68.57), while Uruguay (67.02) climbed up a position, overtaking the United States, dropping to 66.70 after a knockout with Canada. The top 20 ends with Romania, Portugal and Spain.

Photo: Ettore Griffoni – LBS

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